The Nutrition Label demonstrates that your product complies with worldwide standards.

Monde Selection’s Requirements for a Nutrition Claims Certification have been developed on the basis of a point-by-point analysis of the regulations and standards on nutrition claims from the European Union, the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization, the Government of Japan, and the People’s Republic of China. It can therefore be seen as a global benchmark in the field of certification of nutrition claims.

It establishes the criteria that are evaluated during the certification process and provides international guidelines to food business operators when they want to highlight one or several nutrition benefits of their products on the product label or in its advertising.

To this end, Monde Selection collaborates with European independent and public laboratories to carry out systematic nutritional analyses. All partner laboratories are accredited and carry out the necessary chemical analyses in compliance with strict procedures.

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Independent certification

The standards for the Nutrition Claims Certification are overseen by an independent Certification Body appointed by Monde Selection. Members of the Certification Body are independent scientists with a strong background in nutrition science, food technology and food legislation, along with accredited public laboratories to conduct the analyses.
The independence of the evaluation is guaranteed through the setting up of a Scientific Committee, which is in charge of defining and revising the criteria on a yearly basis so that it meets the latest international regulations and standards on nutrition claims.

Why is a Nutrition Label relevant?

Consumers all across the world are on the lookout for products of superior nutritional quality. Not surprisingly, the number of food products bearing nutrition claims is increasing in tow with this global consumer trend.

Using the Nutrition Label will on the one hand guide consumers to make healthier food choices and, on the other hand, show them that you are committed to developing healthier and quality products.


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