Monde Selection

Monde Selection is an International Quality Institute founded in Belgium in 1961.

After 60 years of experience in the quality evaluation of the culinary, health and beauty culture all over the world, Monde Selection is pursuing its first activity in parallel with the launch of the nutrition claims certification.
Through the judgement of our international and renown experts, we aim to highlight the quality of consumer products with our unique labels, along with our new Nutrition Labels.
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Nutrition Labels

Nutrition labels from Monde Selection validate that the claim respects regulations, standards and guidelines from the European Union, the Food and Agriculture Organization conjointly with the World Health Organization, the Government of Japan, and the People’s Republic of China.

This provides assurance that each claim certified by Monde Selection complies with labelling rules and standards applicable in the countries of the European Union, Japan and China.

“A strong marketing tool to highlight nutrition claims worldwide”


Certification process