Certification pricing

1. Choose your Nutrition Label(s)

Choose your label

The registration fee includes the cost of laboratory analysis, the cost of the certification audit and a licence fee to use and reproduce the label during the chosen period of time. By selecting multiple claims, you will benefit from reduced costs on the registration fee.

Select the nutrition label you want to apply for. You may apply for one or several claim(s) for a same product.

1. Choose your Nutrition Label(s)

Select the nutrition label you want to apply for. You may apply for one or several claim(s) for a same product.

Select a label

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2. Select your license plan

Select your license plan

You are free to define the authorisation period regarding the use of the label image on your product’s packaging and communication.

A discount will be automatically applicable on the license fee of the label image in case you apply for multiple nutrition label.

We offer different plans to fit your company strategy.

  • Licence

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    {{ plan.years }} years`

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If you wish to submit your product or add another product, please click on the “Continue” button and connect into our customer area.

All you need to promote the nutrition benefits of your products !

How long does it take to get the certification?

The length of the certification process is of about 8 weeks starting from the reception of the sample and payment of the certification fees.

Can I submit my own laboratory analyses?

No, the certification process includes the carrying out of analyses in an independent laboratory which is a partner of Monde Selection.

Can I submit a request for a product that comes in several versions?

Each sales unit (smallest sales unit or sku) is considered as a unique product and will be subject to laboratory analyses and expert evaluation. The sales unit is the primary packaging where consumers can find the table of nutrition facts.
If the product is sold in different formats in which the consumer finds several of the same sales units, then it can be considered as the same product.

What happens if my product does not complete the certification?

If the product does not meet the certification criteria for a claim, you will receive a detailed report that specifies the result obtained on the criteria evaluated and the observations made by the experts. You will then either have the opportunity to correct the deficiencies observed and resubmit the product at a later date, or request a refund of the label licences that you paid for with your registration.

Where can I use the label?

The Nutrition Label can be used and displayed on your product packaging and marketing support for the licence period you have selected starting from the date of issue of the certificate. At the end of the validity period, you may decide either to remove the Nutrition Label from the product label or to apply for certification renewal.

Along with the certificate you will be provided a suite of labels to be used in accordance with our Guidelines.

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  • A guarantee that the product’s nutrition benefits comply with labelling rules and standards applicable in many countries
  • A strong marketing tool to highlight nutrition claims worldwide
  • A certification process based on objective, quantitative and documented scientific data


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