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Monde Selection’s Nutrition Label is intended for food and beverages producers that seek to highlight a particular beneficial nutrition effect in compliance with international regulations and standards.

Nutrition label
by Monde Selection

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in healthy eating around the world as consumers look for products that are not only tasty but have a better nutritional value.

Eager to meet their expectations, Monde Selection has designed a brand new Nutrition Label that makes it easier for consumers to make healthier food choices. This initiative is also a way for the Institute to support food business operators’ efforts to develop healthier products.

“Guiding consumers to purchase healthier food”

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Our commitments

External laboratory test

The nutritional content is rigorously analysed by an accredited laboratory in Europe.

Independent audit

Validation of the claim with respect to the main international regulations (EU / Japan / China)

Nutrition label

A world-class recognition to support your marketing goals towards consumers and commercial partners

Certification process

For each nutrition claim, Monde Selection conducts an objective assessment involving independent experts and European accredited laboratories. Monde Selection’s Nutrition Claims validation process therefore relies on quantitative and documented scientific evidence from analyses carried out in collaboration with third-party laboratories.

To this end, the product label and analysed nutritional values are assessed against the Requirements for a Nutrition Label, which have been set in accordance with nutrition policies established by governments and international health organisations.

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Added values

Our Nutrition Labels guarantee producers and consumers that the nutritional benefits have been verified in accordance with a strict certification procedure.
  • Highlight nutritional benefits
  • Comply with international standards
  • Guide consumers to make healthier food choices
  • Gain marketing advantage
  • Show your commitment to producing healthy products
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